Sunday, April 24, 2005

Braun 7526 Cleaning Cartridge

I think I finally hit on the perfect formula for refilling the Braun 7526 cleaning cartridge. There's been some discussion about the safety of refilling the Braun cleaning cartridge but I think I finally hit on the perfect formula.

You need:
91% isopropyl alcohol
Lemon oil

The first think you need to do is clean out the old cartridge. I think this is easiest to do with the alcohol. Just dump in a few tablespoons, cover the two holes, then shake up all the grime inside, and dump out. Repeat the procedure a few times until is seems clean inside.

Fill it about 1/3 full of alcohol, add about 1/2 teaspoon of lemon oil. Shake it up in a valant attempt to evenly distribute the oil. Then fill it all the way to the top of the container.

(A few notes: I found that it works best with 91% alcohol, not the 70% alcohol. You can use lemon oil, orange oil, or lime oil. Do not use lemon juice. These citrus oils are food-grade and available in any specialty food supply store.)

This procedure has worked very well for me. I'm still using the orginal plastic cartridge my razor came with.


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