Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurricanes and Global Warming

Boy, they sure have the ducks in a row. I haven't really been following the news recently, but a thought occured to me, "is there a link between hurricanes and global warming." So I did a quick Google search and looked what poped up. It's like a freakin' who's who of anti-environmental, coporate funded, "junk science" think tanks.

We've got opinion papers from,, The New Republic, The Greening Earth Society, Rush, Cato, and lots more. So this begs the question "why are these folks so obsessed with deflecting the connection between hurricans and global warming." The answer is simple, there are people dying out there and millions of dollars in property damage happening. People are freaking out. They're houses are destroyed, their communties desimated, their life's savings wiped out.

The last thing these groups want is serious attention being directed at the possiblity of this connection.

Even more critical, there is an election at stake here boys, and the key, once again, is Florida. If those poor Floridians ever considered for a moment that the environmental policies of the Bush & Co. was to blame for the havoc these huricans caused thier lives, they would switch thier party affiliation, permanetly.


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