Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Favorite “Easter Eggs”

I guess my list of favorite DVD easter eggs is pretty short. There are really only two. Sure, lots of the DVDs I own and have rented have had these so-called easter eggs, but for the most part they are pretty lame. Most of ‘em really shouldn’t be even called easter eggs as they are really just part of the main menu structure.

To me, an easter egg should be very well hidden. It should be hard enough to find that one wouldn’t normally come across it in the normal course of exploring the DVD content. To me, a true easter egg should be very difficult to find and needs to be completely undocumented, ie., should not be listed on the DVD box as a bonus feature.

Like I said, my list of favorite DVD easter eggs only includes two. The first one on the list is from Zoolander. That easter egg, like most true easter eggs, we would never have found if it were not for the Internet. That really should be another criterion to define a true easter egg. You must have found it on the Internet. It needs to be obscure enough so that no one would ever find it except for the truly obsessive compulsive DVD fan. That, or someone who can use Google.

The easter egg on Zoolander is very cool. If you don’t know the film, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson plays these dumb-ass male models. It’s a very funny, under appreciated film. The easter egg shows Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson practicing, trying desperately, to learn how to walk and move like a professional model. They do pretty good, considering. But they are very honest about their limitations and it is a true gem.

The other great easter egg may not necessarily be classified as a true easter egg. It may be viewed as a primary feature of the DVD package. The easter egg may be found on disk two of Memento Limited Edition. It is very difficult to find. To be honest everything on that DVD is hard to find. It comes with no instructions, no really documentation of any sort. And all the menus are essentially a series of bizarre multiple-choice psychological tests.

However I uncovered how to find this easter egg, I pretty much purchased this DVD just for this Easter Egg, on the Internet. And if you’ve ever seen Memento, once (or twice or three times) you’d probably wish, wow I’d love to see this film with everything in the correct order. Well, surprise, surprise, you can if you get the Memento Limited Edition. Look for the plain blue box that looks like a medial records file folder. If you look hard enough you will find the word Memento on the box but it won’t say anything anywhere about “see the film reedited with all the scenes in chronological order.”


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